Full-service market research

Research Plus offers the whole research process from a to z or just a specific part of it. Our services have been developed over a long period of time and include both quantitative and qualitative disciplines, both B2C and B2B.

For quantitative research, we use Askia-software. We can also work on a link provided by the client. Interviewers are equipped with cell phones, tablets or laptops.

We have a large network of independent interviewers and can cover the whole country. Each interviewer has his/her specialty, depending on the methodology.

In home (B2C) or at the office (B2B) 
Street interviews 
Product tests (tasting, concept, …) 
Point of sales interviews 
Interviews at specific events
Mystery shopping

CATI-interviewers work at home and are constantly being monitored by our supervisors.
We have a team of CATI interviewers specialized in medical research: patients, nurses, pharmacists, general practitioners and specialists; as well as a team specialized in B2B CATI research with high profiles.

We work on national panels or databases delivered by the client.

Research Plus works with experienced and trained qualitative interviewers and we can provide locations in different cities in Belgium.

Our qualitative research includes: